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3 Important Facts About Dental Crowns in Torrance

You’re eating your favorite meal when suddenly you notice something hard in your mouth that definitely shouldn’t be there. It’s a piece of tooth. You examine your teeth and notice that one of your back teeth is broken.

What happens next?

First things first, you’ll want to call your Torrance dentist. They’ll assess the damage and let you know if the tooth is restorable or not. If it is, they’ll likely recommend a dental crown.

Dental crowns in Torrance are one of the best ways to protect a damaged tooth – even before it breaks. How do you know if a dental crown is really what you need, though?

What Are Dental Crowns in Torrance?

A dental crown is a dental appliance that protects a damaged tooth by covering it completely. Dental crowns help restore the shape and structure of a tooth that is cracked or broken.

Dental crowns are an integral part of restorative dentistry in Torrance because they help protect teeth from breaking down, fracturing, or cracking into the pulp of the tooth. In many cases, diagnosing an issue early and placing a crown can help prevent dental pain and, in some cases, the need for root canal treatment or extractions.

To fabricate a dental crown, your Torrance dentist can use a variety of materials, including:

The material used to create a crown needs to be biocompatible, which means it won’t harm the living tissues in your mouth. The material also needs to be strong enough to withstand bite pressure from chewing and acids in foods and beverages.

Why Do I Need a Dental Crown?

The most common reasons why a patient needs a dental crown in Torrance include:

What Do You Need to Know About Dental Crowns? 3 Important Facts

Your Torrance dentist understands that investing in a dental crown is no small expense. It’s an investment of your time and money, and you want to make sure you’re making the right decision when your dentist recommends a crown. Here are a few facts about dental crowns in Torrance that might help ease your mind and make the decision much easier.

1. Your Torrance Dentist Won’t Prescribe a Crown If You Don’t Need It

Some people think that their dentist is just recommending a more expensive option when a filling or a wait-and-see approach might work just fine.

Rest assured, at Dentist of Torrance, your dental team has your best interests at heart. We understand the need for frugality and don’t take our recommendations lightly. If your Torrance dentist recommends a dental crown, there is a valid reason.

We will only recommend a crown if you have a crack that is threatening to cause further damage to the tooth – damage that can result in pain or even the loss of your tooth. Left untreated, a crack can allow bacteria into the nerve of the tooth and cause deep decay that results in the need for a root canal or extraction.

A fractured tooth is a weak tooth. It can’t withstand bite pressure and will continue to break down with time. If you try to compensate by not using that tooth to chew, you’ll end up putting extra pressure on other teeth, putting them at risk for cracks and fractures.

Our goal is to keep you out of pain and help you keep your teeth for your entire life, if possible. Dental crowns in Torrance help us achieve those goals.

2. Sometimes a Filling Just Won’t Work

You might think the answer to deep dental decay may be a large filling. Unfortunately, when we remove the decay, there may not be enough tooth structure remaining to support a filling. Placing a filling leaves the tooth weak and vulnerable because filling material is not as strong as enamel, or the materials used to fabricate dental crowns.

If you bite down too hard or too often, the pressure can cause the tooth to break – sometimes at the gumline. In those situations, we cannot place a crown. You would need an extraction, and the only way to replace the tooth at that point would be with a dental implant, bridge, or removable partial denture.

Dental crowns in Torrance can help you save a lot of time, money, frustration, and pain.

3. You Don’t Need to Experience Pain to Need a Crown

To warrant the expense of a crown, some patients think that you need to experience excruciating pain. If you don’t have any symptoms, it either means that there isn’t a problem or there isn’t one that is severe enough to need treatment.

These arguments are false.

Not every patient with a cracked tooth experiences cracked tooth syndrome. Even those with a fractured tooth might not experience any pain or discomfort.

Pain is not always the best indicator of whether a patient needs treatment. Getting a crown before you’re in pain can help you prevent a painful outcome. And again, it can help prevent further breakdown that can result in the need for costly treatments.

What to Do If You Think You Might Need a Dental Crown

Contact your Torrance dentist if you notice any tooth sensitivity, have a large filling, or notice that a tooth is chipped and worried it might fracture.

Your dentist can evaluate the tooth and see which restorative treatment is best for your needs. In some cases, no action is necessary so long as the tooth is healthy. In other cases, it might be best to invest in dental crowns in Torrance.

The team at Dentist of Torrance will walk you through the crown preparation and delivery process. They’ll also work with you to create a comfortable payment plan for the procedure. If you’re worried you might need a dental crown, don’t hesitate to contact us right away!

Do you have questions about dental crowns in Torrance?Contact our team today. We’ll be happy to schedule a consultation to answer all your questions.


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