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Dental Abrasion

Dental Abrasions Torrance, CA

Are uneven and worn teeth negatively affecting your self-esteem? Our dental abrasion treatment can restore your smile and your confidence.

At Dentist of Torrance, we are committed to making sure you feel confident with your smile, which is why we provide the highest quality dental abrasion treatment. You can relax knowing your oral health is in our caring and qualified hands.

What Are Dental Abrasions?

A dental abrasion is the abnormally fast wearing down of a tooth's surface. A dental abrasion usually appears as a v-shaped indent on the bottom of the tooth. There are several harmful dental habits that can cause a dental abrasion, including:

  • Brushing your teeth with a hard bristle toothbrush
  • Wearing dentures with improperly fitting dental clasps
  • Having mouth piercings that consistently rub against your teeth
  • Utilizing too much force while brushing your teeth
Dental Abrasion Torrance CA
Dental Abrasion in Torrance CA

Symptoms of Dental Abrasions

A dental abrasion can be very harmful to not only your confidence but also to your overall oral health. A dental abrasion can cause serious issues such as exposure and damage to the nerves or tissue, and can also make your smile appear tired and dull. Some symptoms to look out for include:

  • Consistent and intrusive tooth pain
  • A higher than normal sensitivity to hot and cold drinks and food
  • The appearance of a tiny, v-shaped nick on the bottom of a tooth, close to your gum's surface
  • Experience pain or general discomfort in your gums

How Can I Help Prevent a Dental Abrasion?

Our welcoming practice at Dentist of Torrance know just how to treat your unsightly dental abrasions! Our caring and experienced staff and Dr. Omid Barkhordar use only the most up-to-date techniques and technology to effectively address any dental abrasions present. Once your dental abrasions have been corrected there are some habits you can implement to help prevent the development of any future dental abrasions, such as:

  • Ensuring you're up to date on your biannual routine dental checkup
  • Following Dr. Barkhordar's instructions on how to brush your teeth properly
  • Stopping bad habits such as chewing on objects like pens and your nails
  • Making sure your dental appliances are the proper fit
  • Brushing your teeth with the right amount of force
Dental Abrasion Dentist in Torrance CA

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