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Dental Bridges Torrance, CA

Do you have a missing tooth that's interfering with your life? Our high-quality dental bridges will provide beautiful tooth restoration when an implant simply won't do.

Our practice provides several personalized dental bridges so you can be sure that you'll get a beautiful smile that fits you perfectly. We're ready to help you get back your comfort and confidence!

What Are Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is a synthetic tooth that is supported by crowns or wings on your adjacent teeth that hold it in place. The artificial tooth functions and feels just like a natural tooth would. Our practice provides several dental bridge choices:

  • Maryland Bonded Bridge: A Maryland bonded bridge is generally considered the least intrusive bridge option and involves the use of wings instead of crowns to hold the synthetic tooth in place.
  • Cantilever Bridge: A cantilever bridge is used when only one natural tooth is available to anchor the prosthetic tooth.
  • Traditional Bridge: This type of bridge ensures the artificial tooth stays put by utilizing specially designed crowns placed on the adjacent teeth.
Fixed Bridges Torrance CA
Fixed Bridges in Torrance CA

Benefits of Dental Bridges

  • Restores your comfort and confidence
  • Results blend in seamlessly with your natural teeth
  • Allows you to eat your favorite foods in comfort
  • Helps you keep your jaw and teeth properly aligned

What Is The Process For Placing A Dental Bridge?

The dental bridge process begins with a visit to our friendly office for an initial consultation. During this appointment, x-rays will be taken and our esteemed Dr. Omid Barkhordar will provide a full examination. You and Dr. Barkhordar will also work together to pick the best dental bridge option for you.

The next part of the process will involve the use of our innovative technology to take detailed impressions of your mouth. We will utilize these impressions to ensure your dental bridge is just the right fit. A temporary bridge will then be put in place to make sure the treatment is protected while we custom create a permanent bridge. Once your specialized bridge is ready, we'll call you back to our office for the last placement.

Find Out How We Can Help Renew Your Smile And Confidence!

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