Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Dentistry
Emergency Dentist Questions

Dental Emergency FAQs

Dental Emergency FAQs in Torrance, CA

Dental emergencies are bound to occur. However, being equipped with the right information can help circumvent them, or at least save you some time and help prevent a worst-case scenario. Having a dentist you can count on is important, and Dentist of Torrance is here to answer your dental emergency questions!

What is the Definition of a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency may be defined as a dental issue that needs to immediately be addressed. It may include a problem with the mouth, teeth, or gums that arises unexpectedly. For example, the sudden loss of a tooth, extreme bleeding, searing pain, or impact or damage to dental appliances like braces are all examples of a dental emergency.

Do I Need to Be Seen Right Away?

The difference between a dental issue and a dental emergency is that a dental emergency must be immediately addressed. If you are unsure if you need to be seen right away, do not hesitate to call Dentist of Torrance at 310-651-7660. If for any reason we are unavailable, you may need to go to the emergency room under certain circumstances (such as extreme and persistent bleeding or a knocked-out tooth).

What if I am Not in Pain?

Not every dental emergency involves pain. One example is if a bracket on your braces breaks and falls off. You may not be in any pain, but it would still qualify as a dental emergency.

How Should I Handle a Dental Emergency?

In the event you have a dental emergency, take a deep breath and immediately call Dentist of Torrance at 310-651-7660. You can call us 24/7 and if we are not in the office, you will receive instructions from our answering service. If we are unavailable and you have lost one or multiple teeth, are bleeding excessively, or experiencing any other alarming effects, it is important that you immediately go to a nearby emergency room.

What Can I Do if My Tooth Has Been Knocked Out?

If your tooth has been knocked out, the best thing you can do is immediately see a dentist or a physician. To save your knocked-out tooth, you need to be seen within one hour of the accident. There are several things you can do to preserve your tooth in the meantime:

  • Rinse it off with fresh water
  • Do not attempt to take off any of the tooth’s tissue or pulp
  • If you are unable to put it back in the tooth socket, put it in milk to preserve it, or hold it in your mouth with saliva coating it
  • If we are unavailable, see a doctor at a nearby emergency room

How Does Milk Preserve a Tooth?

Putting a knocked-out tooth in milk is better than putting it in water. Milk helps preserve the tooth because it does not cause the cells on the tooth’s root to swell and rupture. Milk will help keep the tooth from drying out, has antibacterial properties, gives the cells the sugars they need to stay alive, and contains proteins that cultivate a healthy pH balance.

What if I am Lactose-Intolerant?

If you do not have milk or only have plant-based or almond milk, then it is best to generate as much saliva as possible to keep the tooth generously coated.

What if My Child’s Tooth Has Been Knocked Out?

While young children do lose their teeth eventually, they still need to see a dentist or doctor if one has been knocked out. Dentist of Torrance can help assess the situation to make sure no other damage has occurred.

What Can I Do to Help with Pain?

If you are in pain and seeking relief, you may either apply a topical pain reliever or take over-the-counter medications to help manage it. You may also need to use ice to help with swelling. However, it is not enough to rely on pain management alone. The root issue still needs to be addressed, and if you are having a dental emergency, you need to see a dentist or doctor right away.

How Much Are Dental Emergencies at Dentist of Torrance?

It is difficult to anticipate the cost of a dental emergency since not every emergency is the same. If you have dental insurance benefits, they may be able to help with some or all of the cost of your dental emergency. Also, Dentist of Torrance offers cost-effective dental solutions with our easy payment and financing plans!

Are You Having a Dental Emergency?

Call Dentist of Torrance right away at 310-651-7660 if you think you may be having a dental emergency. If we are unavailable, immediately seek medical attention at the nearest emergency room.