Deep Teeth Cleaning Torrance CA

Deep Teeth Cleaning

Deep Dental Cleaning Torrance, CA

At Dentist of Torrance, we understand that a clean and beaming smile can be vital in feeling healthy and confident. We offer the very best deep dental cleanings to ensure your unwanted plaque and tartar is gone in places a traditional cleaning can't reach.

Tartar and plaque accumulate over time, sometimes even below the gum line. Our highly effective deep dental cleanings will carefully eliminate any existing plaque and bacteria and will make your smile feel strong and refreshed.

What is a Deep Dental Cleaning?

A deep dental cleaning is a service where we remove any plaque, bacteria and tartar that has collected below your gums surface. We typically diagnose a deep dental cleaning if there is a large amount of bacteria and plaque buildup that a standard dental cleaning cannot remove.

Benefits of a Deep Dental Cleaning

  • Deep dental cleaning appointments are convenient and made to fit your schedule
  • Renews your smile's health and your confidence
  • Helps halt the progression of oral health issues
  • Is a great way to remove plaque and bacteria that has collected underneath your gum line
Deep Teeth Cleaning Torrance CA
Deep Teeth Cleaning in Torrance CA

The Process of a Deep Dental Cleaning

The deep dental cleaning process will start with an initial consultation that will include x-rays and a detailed exam from our Dr. Omid Barkhordar. He will use his expertise to ensure your dental cleaning plan fits you perfectly.

If Dr. Barkhordar finds that a deep dental cleaning is necessary, the next step will involve sedation using your sedation option of choice. This will ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the entire cleaning. We will next gently remove any present bacteria or plaque, especially any that exists below the gum line. A deep dental cleaning can take one or more appointments, depending on your schedule and the degree of accumulated plaque present.

Make Sure Your Smile Is Strong And Healthy!

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