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Redondo Beach is considered one of the best places to live in California. One of the main focuses of residents in this city is enjoying life. The atmosphere is very laid back and people who live here feel lucky to be part of the community. A great perk of living in Redondo Beach is that you can walk or bike just about anywhere, making it an ideal place to stay healthy and fit! Another way to ensure good health is to see a dentist regularly. Many residents here turn to Dentist of Torrance for their dental needs because of the state-of-the-art facility, their commitment to excellence, and the compassionate team.

Services We Offer at Dentist of Torrance

At Dentist of Torrance, we know that it can be difficult to make it to the dentist regularly with your busy schedule. However, with regular visits, we can help you prevent long-term damage that can result in pain or even tooth loss. Here are some of the services we offer that can help you do that.

Dental Checkup in Redondo Beach

Every six to 12 months, we recommend a dental examination. At this appointment, our dentist will evaluate you for dental decay and gum disease. We will also check for potential diseases and anomalies, including soft tissue damage, oral cancer, and occlusion (bite) issues. Our goal is to detect problems early. Finding dental diseases early will allow us to treat them in a way that is as minimally invasive and as comfortable as possible.

Dental Checkup in Redondo Beach, CA
Dental Cleaning in Redondo Beach, CA

Dental Cleaning in Redondo Beach

We offer two types of dental cleanings: Prophylactic dental cleanings and periodontal maintenance cleanings. The prophylactic cleaning is a preventative measure we take to reduce your risk of gum disease. We recommend getting this type of cleaning every six months. If, however, you develop gum disease, you will likely need a deep dental cleaning, called scaling and root planing. Every three to four months thereafter, we urge our patients to get periodontal maintenance cleanings to ensure the health of their gums and reduce their risk of disease progression.

Deep Dental Cleaning in Redondo Beach

As was mentioned, a deep dental cleaning occurs when a patient has developed gum disease that has progressed beyond gingivitis. At this stage, the disease cannot be reversed but it can be arrested. A deep dental cleaning is done by numbing the gum tissue and using special instruments to clean below the gumline. If necessary, we will prescribe antibiotics or apply topical antibiotic ointment to the gum tissue to speed healing.

Deep Dental Cleaning in Redondo Beach, CA
Teeth Whitening in Redondo Beach, CA

Teeth Whitening in Redondo Beach

The easiest, fastest, and most affordable way to get a beautiful smile is to whiten your teeth. Our teeth whitening system is so fast that we can drastically lighten the shade of your teeth in one short session. We will need to perform an examination first to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy enough for a whitening procedure.

Orthodontics in Redondo Beach

Another step you can take to get the smile of your dreams is with braces. Depending on your needs, we can apply brackets (traditional braces) or provide you with clear aligners. Each type of appliance progressively straightens your teeth over the course of 12-24 months. Another reason we highly recommend orthodontic treatment is to correct bite issues. Left untreated, these issues can eventually cause tooth damage and TMJ disorder (a painful jaw disorder).

Orthodontics in Redondo Beach, CA


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