Dental Cleaning and Prevention Torrance CA

Cleaning and Prevention

Cleaning and Prevention Torrance, CA

Protecting your smile is just as important to us at Dentist of Torrance as it is to you. That’s why we offer regular dental cleanings and preventative dental treatments in addition to our full range of dental and orthodontic services. We want you to have the brightest, healthiest smile possible!

What Is Considered a Preventative Dental Procedure?

A preventative dental procedure is any of several procedures that are designed to prevent dental problems before they occur and to catch developing problems before they become severe. The example you are probably most familiar with is your twice-yearly dental cleanings. Other preventative services include getting an oral exam from your dentist twice each year, having periodic x-rays, and getting fluoride treatments. Dental sealants are a preventative procedure used most often in pediatric patients.

Preventing issues is much easier than fixing them later. Preventative dental procedures are the best way to protect your smile.

Dental Cleaning and Prevention Torrance CA
Dental Cleaning and Prevention in Torrance CA

What’s Involved in a Dental Cleaning?

A dental cleaning normally involves several steps. First, your dental hygienist will remove plaque and tartar from your teeth with an instrument called a scaler. Next, the hygienist will remove any stains and polish your teeth with a special gritty toothpaste. Third, your hygienist will professionally floss your teeth. Finally, you’ll rinse your mouth and be finished.

You should have a dental cleaning two times a year. Routine oral exams by your dentist are usually performed at your cleaning appointment.

Will My Insurance Cover Dental Cleanings and Preventative Procedures?

It depends on your dental insurance, but most companies cover these services at 80-100% of their cost to minimize your out-of-pocket expense. Why? Because they know that dental cleanings and preventative services both protect your oral health and prevent the need for more expensive restorative services. Covering these services saves the insurance company money in the long run.

What Else Do I Need To Do To Prevent Dental Issues?

If you want to maximize your oral health, you need to take good care of your teeth at home in between your biannual cleanings. Ideally, you would brush after every meal, but this often isn’t possible, so try to brush at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, and use a toothpaste that contains fluoride. Be sure you floss once a day as well. Finally, use mouthwash once or twice a day.

If you don’t like manual toothbrushes or regular flossing, consider getting an electric toothbrush or a WaterPik. These are both alternatives that work well.

Will Dental Cleaning and Preventative Procedures Whiten My Teeth?

Yes, they will whiten your teeth somewhat because stains and plaque are removed during your cleanings. Other factors can cause you to have stained or yellowed teeth, however, including the consumption of acidic beverages such as tea or coffee, smoking, genetics, some diseases, and certain medications. If you have an issue with stained teeth, we offer professional whitening treatments to help you get the look you desire. Speak to the staff at our Torrance dentist office to find out your options.

Dental Cleaning and Prevention Dentistry Torrance CA

How Much Do Dental Cleaning and Preventative Procedures Cost?

The cost of your dental cleaning or preventative procedure will depend on your dental insurance and what it covers. Most dental insurances cover the cost of these procedures either in full or nearly so. The staff at the Torrance office will talk to your insurance company and find out what your out-of-pocket expenses will be in advance of your procedure so you will be prepared.

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