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Rolling Hills Dentist

Located on the northern side of the Palos Verdes Peninsula and facing Torrance is Rolling Hills. The tight-knit community of 8,000 residents is made up of all age groups and backgrounds, from retirees to young families. To ensure they receive optimal dental care, families, couples, and individuals turn to Dentist of Torrance, a family dental practice that strives to offer their patients the very best dental care in the state of California.

Services We Offer at Dentist of Torrance

Investing in high-quality dental treatments is one gift you can give yourself that will last for decades. Teaming up with a compassionate dental team that you can trust will help make your dental experiences more comfortable. Plus, you can be confident knowing that when you invest in a team that utilizes the latest technology and the best products that the dental services you receive from Dentist of Torrance will help keep your teeth and gums healthy so you can enjoy them for a lifetime!

Dental Exams in Rolling Hills

It all starts with the dental exam. We recommend you have at least one annually. Our goal is to find potential issues quickly so that we can treat them immediately. In doing so, we can preserve as much tooth structure as possible, reverse early gum disease, and ultimately, save your teeth. Annual exams also allow us to monitor areas that could potentially pose a problem in the future but that do not require immediate treatment.

Dental Exams in Rolling Hills, CA
Dental Cleanings in Rolling Hills

Dental Cleanings in Rolling Hills

The second step that will help protect your teeth and gums is twice annual dental cleanings. Doing your part at home daily is vital. Despite your best efforts, though, there will be areas that are not as easy to clean as others. In those areas, plaque can build up and eventually calcify. That hard build-up is impossible to remove without the use of dental instruments. Left untreated, it will continue to build-up and lead to gum disease, decay, and infections. With regular teeth cleanings, we can prevent those dental issues.

Dental Crowns in Rolling Hills

Dental crowns — also commonly referred to as tooth caps — protect teeth after they have been damaged. For instance, if you have a crack in your tooth, a crown can secure the tooth and take some of the pressure off the crack, thereby inhibiting it from progressing and damaging the tooth. Additionally, if you have lost some tooth structure due to decay or your tooth has fractured because of trauma or an existing crack, we can restore the structure by building the tooth up and covering it with a crown.

Dental Crowns in Rolling Hills, CA
Dental Implants in Rolling Hills, CA

Dental Implants in Rolling Hills

If you have lost a tooth (or multiple teeth), one of the best ways to restore it is with a dental implant. Implants look, feel, and function like a real tooth and they are easy to clean. Plus, they help prevent adjacent teeth from shifting to fill in the space, which can cause occlusion (bite) issues that result in teeth or jaw discomfort. Dental implants also help keep the jawbone healthy, which normally recedes once a tooth is lost.

Dental Bridges in Rolling Hills

Another way to restore a missing tooth is with a dental bridge, which is approximately three units: A fake tooth to replace the missing one and two crowns that fit onto the teeth adjacent to the missing one. A bridge helps prevent shifting, thereby keeping your teeth in proper alignment.

Dental Bridges in Rolling Hills, CA


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