5 Dentist Approved Stocking Stuffer Ideas

5 Dentist Approved Stocking Stuffer Ideas

It’s that time of year again, and that means you might be racking your brains to come up with cute little gifts and presents. For something different this holiday season, check out these dentist approved stocking stuffers! Dentist of Torrance hopes your family has a great holiday season.

What is a Christmas Stocking?

OK, most of you probably already know what a Christmas stocking is, but we don’t want to assume! There are also different types of holiday stockings. But feel free to skip ahead if you already know!

Holiday stockings started out as a Christmas tradition but have since expanded to other holiday events. During the Christmas holiday season, it has been traditional to hang a “stocking” on the fireplace mantlepiece. A stocking is basic a really big sock. “Santa” would then place some presents in the socks...or coal for bad girls and boys.

By the way, you don’t have to celebrate Christmas to create a holiday “stocking” if you like the idea...for example, you can find Hanukkah themed stockings, which are typically a royal blue color with a white cuff. Kwanzaa-themed stockings feature traditional African fabric styles, often in colors green, yellow, black, and red. You can even find Festivus themed stockings, based on the holiday that was inspired by the Seinfeld television show.

What is a Holiday Stocking Stuffer?

So you’ve got your Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Festivus holiday stocking. What do you do with it?

A stocking stuffer is a small present that gets “stuffed” into the holiday stocking.

Most stocking stuffers are small gifts and candies...and of course, as a Torrance dental office, we cannot recommend candy for Christmas or any other holiday (including Halloween)! So, what do we recommend for your holiday stocking? Read on!

Do Stocking Stuffers Need to Be Expensive?

No, holiday stocking stuffers don’t need to be expensive, and in fact, they are often expected to be small “cheap” gifts, some practical and some fun. Thus, a holiday gift stocking is a great place to include some gifts that your Torrance dentist might approve of.

What Are Some Ideas for Dentist Approved Stocking Stuffers?

Stockings are often full of sticky candy and sugary treats. Although we’re not suggesting you forgo the treats completely, we do have some ideas for dental-friendly items!

1. A fun toothbrush with your child’s favorite character

Don’t just put a plain old toothbrush in a holiday stocking. Put a themed toothbrush in the holiday stocking. Many of your children’s favorite characters have toothbrush versions, including small electric toothbrushes.

2. Cute toothpaste dispensers

Here’s a cute idea for a holiday stocking stuffer. You can get a Baby Yoda toothpaste dispenser. It’s basically a cap that sits on the toothpaste tube, and when you squeeze it, the toothpaste comes out of Baby Yoda’s mouth. (Yes, we are well aware that Baby Yoda has a name...Grogu.) We’re sure you can find other cute gizmos like this to meet your child’s or your adult’s tastes.

3. Floss holders

Floss can be difficult for people to use. Many adults don’t even know that you can actually use a floss holder to take care of the pesky string for you. A floss holder is simply a plastic tool that you can wrap the floss around, making it easier to use the dental string. This can be a gift that adults might appreciate more than children, but children might still be able to use it as well.

4. Travel toothpaste tubes

Yes, we understand that travel toothpaste is kind of boring. It is not an exciting gift. However, it makes a great stocking stuffer. Everybody needs travel toothpaste at some point or another. Some people might even bring it to work during the day. When you give the gift of travel toothpaste, you are giving the gift of oral health. You’re also helping someone to have some toothpaste on hand when they might need it. So, while it might not be the most glamorous gift, travel toothpaste is a gift of love.

5. Gum picks or dental picks

An alternative to flossing, soft gum picks or dental picks (also known as brush picks) can be a helpful tool, especially for people who are busy and may skip the floss because it could take too long. (Not that we recommend this skipping of flossing.) A small pack of gum picks can be a nice addition to a holiday stocking. It might be something that your relative has never tried before, and they may really appreciate it later on.

What Should I Not Put in a Holiday Stocking?

Of course, this may be a lot to ask, but candy canes, which are commonly put in holiday stockings, aren’t that great for the teeth. Also, beware of tiny toys for the little ones, who may be prone to putting things in their mouth they shouldn’t. The last thing you want over the holidays is for a 3-year-old to get a piece of toy stuck in their teeth. We can certainly help in that type of dental emergency, but just be aware that those types of holiday stocking stuffers might cause problems.

Is it Time for a Dental Checkup in Torrance?

Once the holidays are over, you’ll want to come visit us at Dentist of Torrance. Getting regular dental checkups is an important part of your oral health routine. We can help your whole family with routine dental examinations, regular professional teeth cleanings, and helpful restorative and cosmetic dentistry. And since the new year is coming up, talk to us about what we can do to improve your smile. You might want to start the new year off with some teeth whitening or maybe even go for a full set of veneers. We will be able to help you, so call us today.

If you need a dental checkup, come visit us at Dentist of Torrance. To schedule an appointment, just give us a call at (310) 651-7660.


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