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San Pedro Dentist

San Pedro is home to many professionals and young families who love living in an urban setting. It is one of the more affordable places to live in the Los Angeles area and to make it even more enjoyable to live here, the city has been investing in renovations of various ports of call, making the city even more beautiful. Dentist of Torrance is also committed to making the community a happy, healthy, beautiful place to live by providing residents of San Pedro and other nearby cities with premier preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental procedures.

Services We Offer at Dentist of Torrance

At Dentist of Torrance, we are ready to provide exceptional dental care to every member of your family. Here are just a few of the dental services in San Pedro that we offer to our patients.

Family Dentistry in San Pedro

Not every dental practice is a good fit for every person in your family. In addition to serving your dental needs, our team is well-equipped to serve senior members of your family, as well as children. We offer preventative care (exams and cleanings), as well as orthodontic care, restorative dentistry (crowns, dentures, and fillings), and much more. Whatever you and your family's needs are, Dentist of Torrance can help.

Family Dentistry in San Pedro, CA
Wisdom Teeth Removal in San Pedro

Wisdom Teeth Removal in San Pedro

Wisdom teeth should be removed if they are impacted and there is not enough room for them to come into the mouth, or if they are difficult to clean once they come in. Being unable to clean the wisdom teeth can lead to decay and gum disease. It can even damage the surrounding teeth, causing crowding, crookedness, and even dental diseases. With the use of x-ray technology, we can determine whether there is enough room for the wisdom teeth to come in. If there is not, we can remove the teeth as soon as they start to come in (between the ages of 17 and 25 years).

Dentures in San Pedro

We believe that everyone should have beautiful teeth — even if they are fully edentulous. If you have lost your teeth, we want to provide you with a securely fitting, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing set of dentures. We can create traditional dentures, though we highly recommend implant dentures where possible, as they can provide a more secure fit and are typically more comfortable.

Dentures in San Pedro, CA
Dental Crowns in San Pedro, CA

Dental Crowns in San Pedro

Dental crowns fit over a tooth that has lost some of its structure due to decay or fracture. Crowns can also be used to secure a cracked tooth, helping to prevent the crack from progressing and causing pain or traveling into the nerve and causing damage that results in the need for a root canal or extraction. The crowns are so well-made that they look just like real teeth and feel great, too.

Deep Dental Cleaning in San Pedro

If you have periodontal disease, we need to act as soon as possible to prevent further gum damage. Gingivitis can, thankfully, be reversed. However, if your gum disease progresses beyond that, it cannot be reversed. Fortunately, it can be arrested. A deep dental cleaning is performed with anesthesia so we can clean well below the gum line comfortably. As we remove the tartar build-up on the teeth and roots, the gums will begin to heal. We recommend maintenance cleanings every three to four months to reduce your risk of gum disease recurrence.

Deep Dental Cleaning in San Pedro, CA

Are you looking for a family dentist in San Pedro? The Dentist of Torrance team can treat your whole family, from infant patients to seniors. Contact our office to schedule your family's new patient appointments today!

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